I Kit You Not

  • Jul 12, 2019

I like to say "back in the day" alot, it reminds me of when my parents would say, "back in the day we didn't have it as easy as you do." I find myself saying that now to my son, a 9-year old going on 15. However, it really is true that "back in the day," things were more difficult. Heck, even in the 90's graphic designers were largely using desktop - not computers, real desk tops - to lay out art and printers would make slides to print them. Back in the day. Today - designers can whip up some amazing art on their tablet. While sitting on a train. Sipping a latte. Back in the day, things were tougher.

Which brings me to my point for today's blog - I Kit You Not. Companies, except large, heavily funded ones, have largely stayed away from product kits due to the costs of all the set up fees and, frankly, of all the items that have to go into a well-thought kit. That was back in the day.

Today, there are some amazing branded product kits in the industry that you, our clients, will love. Not love because they are cool (they are), but love because of how affordable they are. Whether you are a start-up looking for branded items, a retail store that wants a custom kit or an HR administrator looking for employee welcome kits, these promotional kits are for you. 



Many of these are less than $10 and have no set-up fees. That is a savings of nearly $200 right off the bat. So, you see, today IS much easier than back in the day. We have 12 different kits from which to choose and we promise to make it easy. Even if we have to say, "back in the day, this was much more difficult." 

Making marketing easy one day at a time. Have a good one.


John Wilkinson

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