Pop-Up Shops Are All the Rage!

  • Nov 8, 2019

Why build a Pop-Up Shop? No minimum quantities! Pop-Up Shops allow you to gather single quantity orders from individuals in your company or organization so that you can combine them into one order to meet supplier minimums to easily ship to one location!  And like the best pop-up shops, this shop is only open for a limited time. This is a great solution for companies who are interested in programs but don’t want the hassle of inventory or overhead. Below are some examples of why you might be interested in a Pop-Up Shop:


  • Employee apparel program: employees select their shirts and sizes and the orders are aggregated into one easy-to-produce sales order.
  • Employee appreciation/celebration program: allow employees to select the gift item they want and then place the order.
  • Camp program: campers select their items so they are ready for their arrival.
  • School Program: students select before the school year.
  • Safety or Incentive program: Reward for safe work, or use it as an award for a sales incentive program.


There are many benefits to a Pop-Up Shop but the main three are listed below:

  • Eliminate unnecessary back-and-forth​ with pre-approved artwork.
  • It creates a frustration-free ordering experience.
  • Speeds up the order process, allowing your employees to ​receive their orders quicker.


Pop-Up Shops will help you save valuable time placing orders. No complicated inventory. No complicated purchasing methods. A frictionless experience that eliminates communication hassles and complicated ordering! Contact us today to start your effortless shopping experience!


Sarah Snailum

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