Top 11 Advantages of Using Promotional Products

  • Mar 9, 2021

Wondering how promotional products can help your business? Check out the top 11 reasons below:

1. Use Promotional Products to Launch New Products or Services
It’s important to make the launch of any new product or service memorable, in addition to educating current and prospective customers about it. We can help you identify the right promotional marketing product mix to highlight its unique features or demonstrate its benefits. 

2. Establish Employee Incentive Programs
Salespeople like commissions but thrive on recognition. Certificates and plaques are yesterday’s news, though. Today you can affordably offer stand-out salespeople everything from customized display pieces to custom company store that allow them (and their families) to choose from a set of pre-determined merchandise. We can help you put together the corporate awards program best-suited to your employees and goals. Remember, these employee incentive programs often more than pay for themselves in increased sales and productivity.

3. Open New Accounts
Studies show that combining marketing literature with promotional products is one of the surest ways to make a good impression on prospective customers/clients. Given how hard you work to get in front of someone for even a few minutes, shouldn’t you leave a lasting impact?

Promotional products can pave the way for productive follow-up contact and a better sales conversion rate.

4. Use Trade Show Promotions to Increase Traffic
Trade shows are ideal venues for making a big impact. But don’t wait until the week before the show before thinking about what kind of trade show promotional items to distribute.

Instead, be proactive. Plan well in advance. We’ll be happy to help you find innovative items that will enable you to stand out from the crowd of vendors without breaking your budget. Ideally, use targeted mailings to encourage qualified buyers to visit your booth to get a customized trade show promotion. 

5. Increase High-Margin Sales
Does your sales force consistently sell more of your low-margin products or services than your high-margin ones? If your sales balance is skewed, let us help create an employee incentive program or corporate award program focused on high-margin sales or on “under-represented” products.

6. Company Name or Product Change
Change can be confusing — even traumatic — for customers. Promotional products can help reassure them that while your company or product name may change, your commitment to their satisfaction remains the same. A promotional products campaign can also help you educate customers about the benefits of your new and improved product.

7. Improve Employee Relations
Whether you have a handful or several thousand, your employees are one of your most important assets. Promotional products can help build team identity and company morale by allowing you to recognize important employee achievements: years of service, employee of the week/month/year, even personal days like birthdays and anniversaries. 

8. Promote Casual Dress Days
We can help you promote your business with high-quality customized shirts, caps, jackets, and other clothing items. These make attractive, effective, and comfortable ways to display your logo to customers and vendors. We can cover orders ranging from as few as 1 item up to several thousand.

9. Promote Landmark Events
Don’t let opportunities for publicity and exposure pass you pay. Celebrate, commemorate, and promote events like:


  • Company anniversaries
  • Your 1,000,000th product shipped
  • 1,000,000 safe man-hours worked
  • Being named to the INC. 500 list

Look for any landmark event and promote it.

10. Institutional Image Building
Active company involvement in your community is more than just good citizenship — it’s good business. In sponsoring charitable events or promoting worthy causes, you also have a chance to win positive PR and publicity.

Organizations are always in need of sponsorship materials, so look for opportunities to donate items branded with your company name and logo to volunteers. Some popular items can even help:


  • Discourage drug use
  • Encourage fire safety
  • Educate the public about important subjects and causes

11. Stay in Front of Your Customer & 
Improve Relations
Building customer loyalty is key for two reasons: 1) satisfied customers are the best source of quality referrals, and 2) your competitors are constantly targeting your best customers.

What’s the main reason why companies lose customers? Believe it or not, it’s not price. It’s not even the quality of the product or service. Nearly 70% of defecting customers mostly say “perceived indifference” is the reason they’re taking their business somewhere else. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking, “We provide a quality product or service at a competitive price. That should be enough.” It’s not. If you have lost customers because of “perceived indifference,” promotional marketing products are an excellent way to re-establish contact and rekindle that relationship. The gift of a promotional business item and some conscientious follow-up wins back even inactive customers and creates goodwill among your clients and customers. It’s especially important to target the 20% of your customers responsible for 80% of your business  they’re the ones who you can’t live without. Think of a promotional products campaign as your “customer insurance premiums.”


Out of sight, out of mind — it’s an old saying, but it’s especially true about customer relations. Even if your customers average only one transaction with you a quarter, it’s important that you keep your name in front of them on a regular basis. With over a million items on which we can imprint your logo, you can find new and innovative ways to remind your customers about the value you provide, encouraging repeat business and referrals. And who doesn’t like to get gifts?


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