Why Companies Should Support At-Home Fitness For Their Employees

  • Apr 17, 2020

Much of the United States has been on state-wide stay at home orders for the better of a month now. While the outlook is getting better, the time when things get "back to normal" is still far in the future. In fact, when things do re-open, it will most likely be in phased approaches where there is limited exposure or close-contact with others. One of the last places to potentially re-open may be gyms or other fitness related spaces due to the inherent difficulty in keeping everything clean enough to avoid spread of a virus such as COVID 19. Like many people, I have a regular fitness schedule. I miss heading to the gym, the feeling of accomplishment following a work out, the surge you feel. Everything about it is difficult to recreate at home.

However, there are more reasons than personal accomplishment that companies should consider when thinking about the employees' well being. Studies have shown that employees who work from home can start feeling lonely, over-worked or burned out and stressed. Given our current environment, fear for the future could also be on the minds of most employees and their families. Not having the ability to go somewhere to break a sweat can lead to heightened exasperation. In offices across the country, many employers provide amazing work environments with amenities galore. But what happens when the work force is now distributed? When employees have to stay home, period? Being able to provide employees with some motivation, inspiration and at-home amenities will put companies in a position of strength with their team.

From at-home fitness kits like our Strength Resistance Band Set to Yoga Mats and more, are great gifts for your employees as they balance work and life in a very different way. While we hope that our health crisis clears soon, we know the power branded promotional products have on employee loyalty. There's never been a better time for people to support each other and never a more appropriate time for employers to give more to their employees than ever before.

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